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We offer cellular nutrition, trance bodywork, and a low-glycemic food line to keep you strong and vibrant for whatever comes your way…..

Every week it seems the news hits us with another thing to have to deal with whether school shooting, mass shooting, police shooting, or natural disaster.  These events are traumatizing to the nervous system, even if you weren’t there when it happened!  If you were there when it happened, you’re even more traumatized.

These events play a big role in our overall health in the form of the “fight or flight” mechanism, not to mention that these events can trigger our impulse to binge on comfort foods, alcohol, or zone out on social media.

Dare to defy national health trends and claim your vitality as an act of civic responsibility!

Check our facebook page for #drumondays – rhythm as healing offering, and #3cheersthursdays – stories of human kindness.


(((Earthtones — a women’s group for racial healing)))
Honoring the earth as the guardian of our roots, let us join together for one season to plant the seeds of hearing, bearing witness, and toning in sacred circle to energize racial healing in our communities. Read More >


Vitality in the face of tyranny

Currently we are facing a rise in tyrannical behavior by the leader of our nation (that is, if you are a citizen of the United State of America or, as I prefer to call it, […]